Daisy’s Daisies

Hello fur friends and friends of fur friends! Welcome to my blog. Check out my about me to find out my story. Follow my journey as I blossom into the wonderful chihuahua I was born to be and maybe along the way I can inspire some other fabulous two and four legged friends too! My adventure is just beginning, won’t you frolic among the daisies with me.

Latest Daisy to Bloom

My Mommy – The Storyteller

My mommy has always been a writer. She has written ever since she was a young girl. The first story she ever wrote was about a dog named, “Foxy” that got lost and each chapter a different animal helped her find her way home. My mommy is helping me tell my story. My mommy loves… Continue reading My Mommy – The Storyteller

Making History

Have you ever made history? Or have you been a part of history? There has been a lot of history being made lately. This morning was no different and my mommy let me watch it with her. Space is definitely something I don’t understand. Some place that is far away without the ability to walk… Continue reading Making History

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